Remote Monitoring

Our time-lapse systems combine high-definition image capture with internet connectivity allowing access to images as they are taken.
Up-to-the-minute site views and archives of project progress can be accessed remotely online and even on your mobile.

an eye on your site 24/7 An eye on your site from start to finish.

An eye on your site.

When installed, our time-lapse systems process the images, archive them and can make them available to you for site monitoring and project management and can make them available to the public for ongoing publicity and PR.

Throughout the span of a project images can be viewed online and on mobile, monitoring conditions and progress remotely.

monitor image throughout a project Access the latest image captured, online and on mobile.

IPhone App

Our very own promotional iPhone App Time Is Central is available from Apple's iTunes Store. Featuring the Clyde Arc Bridge construction the app is an interactive showreel of our time-lapse software and systems.

access on your mobile Time Is Central iPhone App

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